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Life Ruining Sterek ficrec

Cris. 23. Multi-fandom blog. (very very multi-fandom) So pretty much anything I like really. I really really REALLY love bears ok you don't understand. I also love Elementary, One Piece, Hannibal, Sherlock Holmes, Free! and Shingeki no Kyojin, Doctor Who, Marvel, Transformers, Teen Wolf, Supernatural. Gay things. Many many gay things.

Safe harbor for any and all ships.

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Feb 25 '14


"It gets a little lonely in that empty loft
Just watching the hours tick byyyyyy…”

"Well, you have to admit, his singing isn’t all that bad."

Feb 11 '14

I might have to watch teen wolf again simply for Dylan’s fucking amazing acting ability. From what I’ve seen he’s really shining in this season…

Feb 4 '14

"You can always tell the great actors cause they know what to do with their eyes, they don’t stare their blankly waiting to say their next line, they are alive in their eyes," Kevin Smith

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Feb 3 '14


give me all the His Dark Materials!Au

Scott’s daemon settling when his father finally left home and he didn’t feel quite as stiffled by his presence, when his daemon didn’t feel the need to be able to turn smaller at any time and hide between Scott’s collarbones

Stiles’ daemon never settling all the way through his life, ever, sometimes keeping the same appearance for days on end, weeks, with people sighing in relief ‘finally!’ before his daemon shifts and they sigh, apalled

Derek’s daemon actually being a very small thing, probably a rodent or a weasel, quick and lithe, distrustful of strangers, keeping out of sight in Derek’s pocket

Allison’s daemon being “girly” and Allison being quick to make a (self)deprecating joke about it, and eventually learning to embrace her strength and her own feminity

Lydia’s daemon being really sharp looking, maybe a bird like a hawk or an owl, and S1 Lydia going to great lengths to cutify it

Peter’s daemon didn’t come back from the dead

Aug 28 '13

When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, when you can’t do that you find someone to carry you.

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Jul 4 '13

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Jun 25 '13


“i am the alpha of alphas, i am the apex predator, i am the demon wolf” screams deucalion

somewhere peter is rolling his eyes so hard they are rocketing out of his head and spinning into space where they can orbit the earth and judge deucalion from all angles

Jun 24 '13


Short comic about Hale family years before the main story…. well, this is my version of it in any case. 

Young Derek wake up one morning and discovers that all his world will change.

I hope you like it.

Jun 17 '13

Fucking forgot Teen Wolf came on tonight (again) I’ve lost all hope of being spoiler free. Need to catch up on the last two anyway OTL

I haven’t even seen them yet and I already ship Derek and Miss Blake, just saying.

Jun 10 '13


Time out corner babbies. They were split into different corners for obvious reasons, even though Stiles and Danny were only involved on principle okay.

Jun 8 '13

another shaman!Stiles thing
Achtung! bestiality is possible


another shaman!Stiles thing

Achtung! bestiality is possible

Jun 4 '13

For Natasha


For Natasha

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Jun 3 '13
May 27 '13



Finally got the chance to do some Sterek comics to celebrate my 1000+ followers on TUMBLR!!!!

enjoy! :D 

p.s. I made up some moles on Stiles body


If you want to read it in much better order go to my DeviantArt gallery:


May 1 '13


dylan o’noob: apickuptruckandthedevilseyes: characterdevelopmentwrites: stiles does…




  • stiles does not babble
  • derek does not growl
  • scott is not stupid
  • isaac is not a puppydog
  • Stiles can babble at times, if an author wants, as it means to talk idly, irrationally, excessively, or foolishly; chatter or prattle.”
  • Derek can growl, if an author wants, as he is a werewolf with a sour attitude after all.
  • Scott can act a bit stupid, if an author wants, he has been known to say some pretty ridiculous things at times.
  • Isaac can totally be a puppydog, if an author wants, the guy has been through enough and did you see him try to take the pain away from that sick dog? Awww … now I’m rambling.

Jeff Davis and co. came up with MTV’s adaptation of Teen Wolf and therefore these characters’ characterizations. Not you, not me, and definitely not anyone else. What Teen Wolf has given you is what you have to work with as an author, artist, etc. So when you give them character traits that they obviously do not have, you are erasing them as people. How people act, how they talk, their basic emotions make up the central core of their personality. Is it possibly for all of these characters to: babble, growl, act oblivious, or seem warm/innocent? Yes, of course. But that’s not how they’ve been shown in canon. Derek has never growled, Stiles has never babbled, Scott is not stupid, and Isaac is the furthest from innocent. So please do not call me high and mighty for simply wanting accurate characterization, for wanting the characters Teen Wolf has created for me. I fell in love Jeff Davis’ interpretation, not yours. 

*whispers into the wind* if you don’t like it, don’t read it ⊙‿⊙✿

No but wait, all that stuff about purist-characterization aside(don’t like it don’t read it and all that, I’m not getting into it), what show are you watching? I’ve seen Stiles babble, I’ve seen Scott be a dumbass, and I’ve seen an innocent side to Isaac. I could even say Derek has growled (obviously not in a dog-vocalization sense but as a descriptor for a rough gravely voice which is what I’m thinking these writers use the word as) All of that on the actual show that was actually written by Jeff Davis and acted by the actual actors in the actual damn show.

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