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Cris. 24. Demigender comfortable with any pronouns. Blog is mainly things I like or find inspiring, very multi-fandom. I really really REALLY love bears ok. I also love Hannibal, One Piece, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Free!, Shingeki no Kyojin, FMA:Brotherhood, Marvel, Transformers, etc etc.

Safe harbor for any and all ships.

Posts tagged Personal shit

Sep 15 '14

New tiny friend apparently likes me, because she never sleeps on anyone else…

Sep 14 '14

I have made the cutest, tiniest dog friend

Sep 14 '14

Arrived in Texas. The Aunt we’re staying with has wifi -weeps- sweet blessed wifi

Sep 13 '14

Access to small baby wifi so I’m checking in. Just passed Atlanta GA on our way to Birmingham Alabama. It is /so fucking hot and humid down here jesus christ/

Sep 12 '14

On my way out. Next time I log on I won’t be in VA (I’ll probably be on the road somewhere knowing me and my inability to be without wifi) anyway, it was nice knowin ya Virginia.

Sep 12 '14

Leaving the state (and wifi) in a couple of hours. Just enough time to cram in some more x files and not think about anything at all

Sep 9 '14

I just realized Texas probably doesn’t have Fall and started crying I should probably get some sleep

Sep 5 '14

Desktop getting packed up today and the internet is getting cut off this evening.

this is my last transmission

Sep 3 '14

the house is officially sold. I’ll be leaving in a few days. Between then and now the Internet will be cut off and I won’t be back for a while.

Aug 28 '14
Aug 27 '14
Aug 27 '14

Of course a job calls me back as we’re getting ready to go

of fucking course

Aug 23 '14

I just had avocado spread on toast for the first time and I think I’m ruined. My life will never be the same

Aug 21 '14

Pancakes for dinnerrrrrr~ UuU

Aug 20 '14

My cousin is getting marrieeeed~ her girlfriend is so fucking cute holy shit we just met her today when she came to say goodbye to us and holy shit they’re so fucking cute together goddamn