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Cris. 23. Multi-fandom blog. (very very multi-fandom) So pretty much anything I like really. I really really REALLY love bears ok you don't understand. I also love Elementary, One Piece, Hannibal, Sherlock Holmes, Free! and Shingeki no Kyojin, Doctor Who, Marvel, Transformers, Teen Wolf, Supernatural. Gay things. Many many gay things.

Safe harbor for any and all ships.

Posts tagged Personal shit

Apr 16 '14
Goddamn this pot roast tastes so fucking good I could kiss myself

Goddamn this pot roast tastes so fucking good I could kiss myself

Apr 16 '14

Makin pot roast for the first time ever, looks like it’s gonna be white people food for dinner tonight. Mashed potatoes, biscuits, country gravy etc. from scratch of course because I’m not a heathen (but I /am/ a masochist) We’ll see how it turns out.

Apr 15 '14

Hmmmmm should I read them in the order they should be in chronologically or in the order in which they came out….hmmmm

Apr 15 '14

I HAVE BOOKS!! Borrowed back books that I’ve read like 10 times each but books nonetheless. I never get tired of the Hannibal series anyway UuU thank you Hannah

Apr 1 '14

every time i start a painting I think ‘oh this will go well i know exactly how i want it to look’ and then i start the painting and i want to set myself on fire for my hubris

Mar 27 '14
Thinking of joining the military…

Any of my followers with any military experience or enlisted family willing to share your experiences with me? I don’t know anyone personally whose ever been enlisted, so any info would be appreciated

Mar 26 '14

uuurrrrggg i wanna draw Kotetsu’s stupid fuckdamn face but it takes me ages and ages to learn my way around a new character and I’m impatient why can’t all of my wonderful mental images just spring fully formed from my mind into photoshop

Mar 26 '14

my brain suddenly decided it HAD to rewatch the Tiger and Bunny finale because apparently I’m too in love with these stupid goddamn homosexuals

Mar 15 '14

sittin here in shorts and a sweater. Ah yes, Virginia spring

Mar 10 '14

Went out on foot today to look for a job

my legs hurt and I want a drink and a dog to hug

Feb 21 '14

so sleepy OTL just gotta finish one more thieves guild mission in Skyrim

Feb 18 '14

…just realized I haven’t eaten anything today

Feb 18 '14

coloring 1950’s lesbian showgirls will make me feel better UuU yes

Feb 17 '14
Feb 12 '14

If there’s one thing I’ve realized lately it’s that I have a lot more time in the day to do things since waking up at 6 every morning…I might just keep this up, I’m getting so much done.