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A Different Kind Of Soldier

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Cris. 24. Demigender comfortable with any pronouns. Blog is mainly things I like or find inspiring, very multi-fandom. I really really REALLY love bears ok. I also love Hannibal, One Piece, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Free!, Shingeki no Kyojin, FMA:Brotherhood, Marvel, Transformers, etc etc.

Safe harbor for any and all ships.

Posts tagged Personal shit

Aug 19 '14

We sold the house, officially. Gotta be out of here by September 12th.

Aug 17 '14

Well, sort of. I’m at a family friends house because there’s a showing at my place late tonight and we don’t want to have to clean again. But there’s fast wifi here thank god

Aug 14 '14

Well I don’t get wifi all the way up in my room, so this is goodnight for me. I’ll check messages in the morning when I come down for breakfast UuU so tireddd

Aug 14 '14

Have to go downstairs to get some decent wifi, but anyone around to chat? Idk I’m too tired to go back out onto the beach and I already showered so I don’t want to go to the pool. Need to find a decent table to draw at, maybe get some people sketching done.

Aug 14 '14
Two beds and the best view I’ve ever seen.

not five minutes into unpacking and I already making my mom coffee -sighs- UuU

Aug 14 '14
At the hotel, waiting for our room on the top floor. Gorgeous lobby. Ocean view coming soon, I’ll take more photos. Free wifi is a godsend jfc, thankfully it’s fast.

Also a gpoy, y’all never get to see my face, sorry. I’m super tired, hope it doesn’t show. Gonna sleep my fucking fat ass off goddamn.

Aug 14 '14

AAAAND I’m off. Be back Monday or so~

Aug 13 '14

Leaving for the beach at ass o’ clock in the morning tomorrow on a much deserved vacation. Won’t be back till next week. I’ll try to set up my queue since I don’t know if I’ll have wifi at the hotel.

Aug 11 '14
Aug 10 '14
Aug 8 '14

My dog is sleeping on me I will never be able to get up again

Aug 7 '14

Guardians of the Galaxy was still great the second time

Aug 6 '14
Aug 5 '14

I thought sewing this zipper into this bag would be easy

I have never been more wrong in my life jfc

Aug 5 '14

OK gonna try to draw fanart again I was suddenly inspired